Robinson for President / 2024

Preach it Brother! – Time’s Up! Ladies and Gentlemen – Prepare to Defend Yourselves – The morning after the 7th Cavalry successfully repelled this attack by the democrat communist hordes – they fixed bayonets and charged the democrats communists and routed them . . . Can YOU ( OR YOU – OR EVEN YOU! )Continue reading “Robinson for President / 2024”

Knife Guy Kryptonite! || The Thrill of Cheap Pocket Knives

Do YOU remember your first knife?? First knife – I received as a gift – it was a Cub Scout pocket knife – First one I bought was a yellow handled fishing knife ( Imperial ) for 79 cents at the Ben Franklin store – A Long, Long Time ago . . . I stillContinue reading “Knife Guy Kryptonite! || The Thrill of Cheap Pocket Knives”

Eastern Airlines Lockheed Super Constellation Promo Film

One of the promotions un-offically circulating for the Constellation was “it takes a real man to handle three tails” – the 40’s and 50’s were a whole different time . . . And this leads into the Saturday Matinee – their flying on a “Connie” . . . Have Fun! – Run the Gun! –Continue reading “Eastern Airlines Lockheed Super Constellation Promo Film”