Does The Cult of Gun Control hate guns more than they love children?

Hat tip to The DailyGator – Folks – if this site isn’t on your daily read list – IT SHOULD BE From the site – – – A terrible question to ask I know. Yet, every time anyone dares to call for better school security, the Cult of Gun Control lose their minds, and startContinue reading “Does The Cult of Gun Control hate guns more than they love children?”

CZ75 / PSA “Full Size” Comparison – Thank You Mr. Squeaky Duck!

In an earlier post I mentioned that the PSA full size frame had a CZ75 “feel” thing going on – so I thought I would put them together and compare the two of them visually for you folks . . . Here they are back to back ( the money shot is at about 37Continue reading “CZ75 / PSA “Full Size” Comparison – Thank You Mr. Squeaky Duck!”

If not for Double Standards . . .

the anti-american commie fuck cocksuckers demanding President Trump’s imprisonment until his “trial” for swatting a picture of George Soros property with a baseball bat – are the very same oxygen thieves that defended . . . this oxygen thief . . . If not for double standards . . . Have Fun! – Run theContinue reading “If not for Double Standards . . .”

Brownells 19LS & 19LS Barrel – Have a Look!

No bang bang this weekend – still waiting on the rear sight – Yea I know – why didn’t I order the sights when I ordered the barrel that I forgot to order when I ordered the slide and parts kit for the slide – we’re not going there – OK? The machining and finishContinue reading “Brownells 19LS & 19LS Barrel – Have a Look!”

Do You Remember any of these – “Forgotten Appliances”??

About the only one I don’t recall is the Thor Auto Magic clothes / dishwasher – had an aunt that had the wall hung “cabinet” refrigerator set-up — the TV / bar / stereo combo was one of the ultimate “cool” symbols – Enjoy! Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – FishContinue reading “Do You Remember any of these – “Forgotten Appliances”??”

A Little Friday Bonus Music – A Pair to Draw To . . .

This collaboration between The Velvet Fog ( Mel Torme for you uninitiated folks – LOL! ) and George Shearing has always been high on my list. Between the sheer talent of George Shearing and the voice of Mel Torme – Oh My! . . . And stumbling through the interwebs – I ran across thisContinue reading “A Little Friday Bonus Music – A Pair to Draw To . . .”