Ya Gotta Eat – Right? Well I Made This for Dinner . . .

I don’t know if you want to call it “Dirty Rice” / “Loaded Rice” – or rice with a bunch of “stuff” in it – I call it GOOD! – LOL . . . This is gonna be fun – my recipes are sometimes hard to follow – here we go . . . TheContinue reading “Ya Gotta Eat – Right? Well I Made This for Dinner . . .”

Rough Ryder Black & Blue Series Elephant Toe / Sunfish Pattern

From Smoky Mountain Knife Works – “All of the knives in the Rough Ryder Black & Blue Series feature mirror polished 440A stainless steel blades with half stops and match strike pulls. The handles are blue sawcut jigged bone with black under liners, brass liners, and nickel silver pins, shield and Slant R bolsters. ThisContinue reading “Rough Ryder Black & Blue Series Elephant Toe / Sunfish Pattern”

Got some New “Stuff” in – Reviews Coming!

Short weekend this week – and I’m behind to begin with – will try to get something put together for you folks on these . . . Two really old ( 1902 patent date ) pattern knives from Marbles – and two from Rough Ryder’s “Black and Blue” series – any one of these fourContinue reading “Got some New “Stuff” in – Reviews Coming!”

What’s for Dinner?? – I Made This – Good Stuff Alert!

One of my daily haunts “Paw Paw’s House” – <<< Main Site >>> – is cool stuff – all y’all need to trot your collective happy ass’s over there and check it out when you got time – one of the things he does is post recipes on occasion – one of the things IContinue reading “What’s for Dinner?? – I Made This – Good Stuff Alert!”

Eisenhower’s Lockheed – Air Force One, Columbine

Something a bit different for you folks . . . First flight in decades – headed from Marana Regional Airport in Southern Arizona to Bridgwater Virginia for a full restoration. The B25 was along as support crew transport and as a camera platform. And here’s the behind the scenes to get it in the airContinue reading “Eisenhower’s Lockheed – Air Force One, Columbine”