Elmer Keith’s Legendary Number 5 Revolver: The Last Word

It is coming up for auction in September – What do you think? 2 million / More?? I would ramble on about this but after watching the video I need to go take a shower . . . I remember reading Mr. Keith’s articles every month in the barber shop waiting for my turn inContinue reading “Elmer Keith’s Legendary Number 5 Revolver: The Last Word”

Where Did The 1911 Come From?

And once the 1911 pattern started there was a multitude of little differences – different checkering on the mag release and hammer spur – differences in hammer shape – and these didn’t happen all at once – Colt didn’t just change something one day then everything from there on was a different “style” – theyContinue reading “Where Did The 1911 Come From?”

Single Action Self Defense – All Y’all Don’t Laugh . . .

I get in the right mood I carry a 3 1/2 inch Birds Head right side and a 5 1/2 inch Bisley left side cross draw – both chambered in .45 Colt – 255 Grain round nose flat point – think paving brick at 800 feet per second – Ouch!! Anyway here’s HRFunk with aContinue reading “Single Action Self Defense – All Y’all Don’t Laugh . . .”

Are Pistol Sights Actually Useful For Self-Defense?

From Chris Baker at Lucky Gunner – If you take nothing else away from this realize that repetition of the drills is essential – PRACTICE – PRACTICE – PRACTICE !! Then go PRACTICE again – Stay in PRACTICE !! The only way to develop muscle memory is to PRACTICE ! – You are getting awfulContinue reading “Are Pistol Sights Actually Useful For Self-Defense?”