From BladeHq / In Russia – Kalashnikov Carries You!

From 2 years ago – so the prices are up slightly – <<< GO HERE -and check out Boker’s line of Kalashnikov knives – WORTH THE TRIP . . . >>> These guys always seem to have a good time doing these videos . . . Good stuff – carried one daily for 4 monthsContinue reading “From BladeHq / In Russia – Kalashnikov Carries You!”

Klaxon Klaxon Klaxon – Griffiss Air Force Base

A 14 plane MITO for you wingnuts out there – 9 BUFFS and 5 KC-135‘s – gotta bring the gas station with you – you sure don’t want to walk to your recovery base through a country that you just nuked the crap out of – anybody left probably wouldn’t be very happy or friendlyContinue reading “Klaxon Klaxon Klaxon – Griffiss Air Force Base”