New Cold Steel at Shot Show – Oh Boy!

Hopefully my Blushing Bride will never realize how many Cold Steel knives I already have – if she did – she would probably slap Hell out of me just for watching this – and I can always tell when she’s mad because she doesn’t talk dirty to me when she’s whooping on me – LMAO!Continue reading “New Cold Steel at Shot Show – Oh Boy!”

A Word to Pilots : Read Your NOTAM’s!

A Long Long Time Ago – in a country far far removed from the pile of shit that the communists have turned this once great republic into – a commercial airliner overflew the Nevada Test Site – the aircraft was forced down – all of the passengers were removed from the aircraft – all ofContinue reading “A Word to Pilots : Read Your NOTAM’s!”

The only thing Chuck Norris fears: Colt 1911 in 45 ACP!

Not sure if this is an actual quote from St. Browning but . . . Now this young lady? She really dispels the myths / urban legends that are living rent free in your head – whichever one ( or more ) THAT YOU ARE ALLOWING TO PREVENT YOURSELF from carrying a Government size 1911Continue reading “The only thing Chuck Norris fears: Colt 1911 in 45 ACP!”

Wow, LA Sheriff Says Mass Shooter Didn’t Use An Assault Rifle, He Used An Assault Pistol

Folks, do you ever wonder why the full court press is on to disarm you? Because these communists know that if enough of us “We The People” out here realize what their plans for us are – let me put it this way – don’t waste the remains – Bio-diesel is the answer . .Continue reading “Wow, LA Sheriff Says Mass Shooter Didn’t Use An Assault Rifle, He Used An Assault Pistol”

Housekeeping Traffic? Flash Traffic? EAM?

Most of the 30 + character messages are almost “housekeeping” traffic in nature – a tremendous amount of radio traffic is broadcast in a given week or month – when SAC was a happening thing the Sky King messages were being directed to those units currently in operational status. The last video gives you someContinue reading “Housekeeping Traffic? Flash Traffic? EAM?”

In a Pickle? This Will Help!

From the web site : This award-winning visual tour of Mt. Olive Pickle Company gives you a close-up view of the pickle manufacturing process from farm to finished product. This company makes the best-selling brand of pickles in the country. You’ll also learn about the history of this endearing company, its employees, and its roleContinue reading “In a Pickle? This Will Help!”