The Starfighters – (1964) Full Movie

If you think of this as a “Top Gun” or “Final Countdown” sorta movie it works – the acting sucks – plot? / you’re kidding – “Top Gun” starred the F-14 Tomcat – “The Final Countdown” starred the “The USS Nimitz” – and this “gem” is chock full of F-104 footage – Lockheed’s missile withContinue reading “The Starfighters – (1964) Full Movie”

Friday Night Drive In – A “Double” Double Feature!

Not a dusk to dawn extravaganza BUT 4 movies for YOUR viewing pleasure – the snack bar will be open until after the start of the 4th movie and please – don’t forget to put the speaker back on the pole before you leave . . . Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – andContinue reading “Friday Night Drive In – A “Double” Double Feature!”

Behind The Scenes : Telstar / Bell Telephone Company – 1962

Here we are just around the corner from the 60th anniversary of this – we’ve got satellite internet and phones and all kinds of stuff – but this? It was a way cool deal when this happened . . . And The Tornadoes ( spelled with the “E” here in the US – without itContinue reading “Behind The Scenes : Telstar / Bell Telephone Company – 1962”


The Air National Guard provides a considerable portion of the Air Force’s refueling capability – not sure where this was filmed – may have been England or somewhere in Europe – don’t believe it was in the US because of the vehicles used – but it may have been in Tennessee . . . OnContinue reading “134th ARW / KLAXON – KLAXON – KLAXON”

PAVE PAWS : Early Missile Warning Radar

You get a good explanation of phased array radar from watching this – kind of a “simple” explanation of the system – but it’s only a 15 minute video – However – if you want to really go head first into it – <<<CLICK HERE>>>> and WIKI will start you down the path – goodContinue reading “PAVE PAWS : Early Missile Warning Radar”