One Possible ( and plausible ) Explanation . . .

Hat Tip to Irish – Enjoy! Another possible explanation – the whole fucking mess is a sitcom being produced for another planet’s entertainment network – the scary part? – some of this crap ALMOST makes sense if you view it through that filter . . . Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and rememberContinue reading “One Possible ( and plausible ) Explanation . . .”

Klaxon Klaxon Klaxon / Flash Traffic / Message 2021.0551

Message 2021.0551 ALERT!! Missions are kicking into high gear. All operational units take appropriate actions. “The toast is burning” “A boat is tied up at the dock” “George has sold his car”  38.894, -77.048 Maintain SafeSECS at all times. If comms are cut and in the absence of orders, you know what to do. ************************************************Continue reading “Klaxon Klaxon Klaxon / Flash Traffic / Message 2021.0551”

About That Posole Recipe I posted earlier Today . . .

I started thinking about the post Thursday – started sticking it together very early this ( Friday ) morning – and I just went ahead and threw a batch together – and put this up to give you an idea what it comes out like – this particular batch had 1 can red enchilada sauceContinue reading “About That Posole Recipe I posted earlier Today . . .”