Friday Music – St. Patrick’s Day Edition

And this one is almost obligatory – Paul McCartney & Wings – Give Ireland Back To The Irish (Live In Groningen 1972) And just to make it easy on me – here’s 3+ hours of Irish Pub Songs – and remember – Jameson Whiskey is NOT just a breakfast drink anymore! Have Fun! – RunContinue reading “Friday Music – St. Patrick’s Day Edition”

Arex Delta Gen2: How Gun Designs Iterate and Improve

A lot of new and different models are improvements on existing designs – the Arex Zero 1 pistols are at first glance “just a copy / knock off” of the Sig 226 / 299 pistols – and they are – but – operationally and how they shoot? They are quite an improvement over the SigContinue reading “Arex Delta Gen2: How Gun Designs Iterate and Improve”

Friday Music – Let us Go on a Venture – Shall We?

Unless you grew up in a vacuum – you really should recognize this first one . . . And for you “Book ’em Danno” fans here are all the various opening credits to Hawaii Five-0 . . . As you peruse through these different hits – You will be like “Wait a minute – IContinue reading “Friday Music – Let us Go on a Venture – Shall We?”

One Possible ( and plausible ) Explanation . . .

Hat Tip to Irish – Enjoy! Another possible explanation – the whole fucking mess is a sitcom being produced for another planet’s entertainment network – the scary part? – some of this crap ALMOST makes sense if you view it through that filter . . . Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and rememberContinue reading “One Possible ( and plausible ) Explanation . . .”

Klaxon Klaxon Klaxon / Flash Traffic / Message 2021.0551

Message 2021.0551 ALERT!! Missions are kicking into high gear. All operational units take appropriate actions. “The toast is burning” “A boat is tied up at the dock” “George has sold his car”  38.894, -77.048 Maintain SafeSECS at all times. If comms are cut and in the absence of orders, you know what to do. ************************************************Continue reading “Klaxon Klaxon Klaxon / Flash Traffic / Message 2021.0551”