A Different “Taste of Honey” Video for YOU!

I be LOVING me some Lamborghini Miura ( the yellow car in the second car “race” scene ) – always wanted one – along time ago – in a galaxy far, far away I could afford the car OR the insurance but not both – LOL! Now? I honestly don’t know anyone who can affordContinue reading “A Different “Taste of Honey” Video for YOU!”

Gonna make it through the week? – This will help . . .

Play it loud and proud – after all – YOUR emotional safety is at stake! – LMAO! ( Da Fuck they gonna do – fire you for creating YOUR emotional safe space?? ) One of my favorite “Outlaw Country genre” albums – Enjoy . . . I have faith in YOU – You’re gonna makeContinue reading “Gonna make it through the week? – This will help . . .”

Eastern Airlines Lockheed Super Constellation Promo Film

One of the promotions un-offically circulating for the Constellation was “it takes a real man to handle three tails” – the 40’s and 50’s were a whole different time . . . And this leads into the Saturday Matinee – their flying on a “Connie” . . . Have Fun! – Run the Gun! –Continue reading “Eastern Airlines Lockheed Super Constellation Promo Film”