Saturday Matinee : Red Barry – All 13 Hair-Raising Chapters!

This might be a little too much for some of you folks – but – if you have been following this blog for any length of time I believe YOU are emotionally prepared to handle the excitement!! You have no clue how hard it was to type that Laughing My Ass Off! This pretty muchContinue reading “Saturday Matinee : Red Barry – All 13 Hair-Raising Chapters!”

** Feed YOUR Inner Gun Nerd ** How Recoil Affects Handgun Accuracy ** Feed YOUR Inner Gun Nerd **

This gets incredibly “NERDY” – really good stuff here – but it is a deep dive – Enjoy! If YOU need more “stuff”? – Check out Lucky Gunner’s YouTube Channel! Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

Zenith Trans Oceanic Royal 3000 Radio commercial

And if you are fortunate enough to find one still working ( battery leakage and capacitors failing are the two main issues that come to mind ) they are still competitive performers – Zenith really built some great radios in the “Transoceanic” line . . . ( For bonus points – name the narrator .Continue reading “Zenith Trans Oceanic Royal 3000 Radio commercial”

What Was Las Vegas Like In The 1950’s?

A real good documentary put together by KCLV Channel 2 – well worth YOUR time . . . These next 2 videos – the 1st video – a decent quick history – Operation Cue – as mentioned in that video – was an interesting story all by itself – the nuclear testing – and theContinue reading “What Was Las Vegas Like In The 1950’s?”