A Wee Bit of “Bling” for My Blushing Bride

Ordered a set of new grip screws from Wicked Grips < Click to GO!! > for her CZ75B High Polish – subtle but neat looking . . . BEFORE AFTER ( MUCH Better!! ) Cool stuff – comes with a tip to install with and ships FAST – Wicked Grips / Go Check them outContinue reading “A Wee Bit of “Bling” for My Blushing Bride”

Trying to decide “Which Gun” is right for You?

Let me help with that . . . And when in doubt – BUY THEM ALL!! – You really didn’t expect anything LESS – Did You?? There are actually firearms creeping back into the supply chain – and if you snoop through your local pawn shops you might be surprised . . . Have Fun!Continue reading “Trying to decide “Which Gun” is right for You?”

Finally : The HoJo Campaign Hires a Spokesman that makes Complete Sense of their Platform Positions

At least HE makes MORE sense than Biden . . . Every time I see an ad on Youtube for the demonrat communist party – I keep hearing the theme from MASH playing in my head – “Suicide is Painless” . . . The “Perfect” theme for the modern snowflake . . . Have Fun!Continue reading “Finally : The HoJo Campaign Hires a Spokesman that makes Complete Sense of their Platform Positions”

Jet Tech: Compressor Stall : Completely Simple Explanation

If you have EVER wondered – “Compressor stall is what???” – and you really don’t want to ( or can’t ) plug all the numbers, graphs, charts, and equations into your Mark 1 organic computer and chew through it all while still maintaining autonomic functions – Then this is the video for YOU!! – theContinue reading “Jet Tech: Compressor Stall : Completely Simple Explanation”