So YOU think YOU are going to hide?? (inverter noise)

So you have your stash of food – water – whatever “preps” you feel comfortable with – and you realize the natural gas / electric are going to be shut off – your solar panels are not visible from street level – all your windows and doors are boarded up so your humble abode “appears”Continue reading “So YOU think YOU are going to hide?? (inverter noise)”

Spool Pins from The Lock Picking Lawyer

This will help you with working with spool pins – Tension is Important! Practice – Practice – Practice – And this will help you – you set the pins up so you can know when you are hitting “spool” pins . . . Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish HeadsContinue reading “Spool Pins from The Lock Picking Lawyer”

Wilson Combat Spring Kit & Ergo Grips / S&W 637-2

Smith & Wesson Airweight J Frames are really nice for concealed carry – but the trigger pull and the tiny grips are not the greatest – depending on your hand size – if your average like mine? Every time the gun goes bang – the rear of the trigger guard goes whack against your knuckleContinue reading “Wilson Combat Spring Kit & Ergo Grips / S&W 637-2”

“Club and Knife Fighting” WW2 Marine Corps Basic Training Film

Now don’t you folks start maiming one another – this is strictly for entertainment purposes – if you have a want to “entertain” yourself / or yourselves in this stuff – use wooden slats with duct tape handles for knives and PVC tubing for batons – there really is a fine line between “this isContinue reading ““Club and Knife Fighting” WW2 Marine Corps Basic Training Film”