Spool Pins from The Lock Picking Lawyer

This will help you with working with spool pins – Tension is Important! Practice – Practice – Practice – And this will help you – you set the pins up so you can know when you are hitting “spool” pins . . . Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish HeadsContinue reading “Spool Pins from The Lock Picking Lawyer”

Wilson Combat Spring Kit & Ergo Grips / S&W 637-2

Smith & Wesson Airweight J Frames are really nice for concealed carry – but the trigger pull and the tiny grips are not the greatest – depending on your hand size – if your average like mine? Every time the gun goes bang – the rear of the trigger guard goes whack against your knuckleContinue reading “Wilson Combat Spring Kit & Ergo Grips / S&W 637-2”

“Club and Knife Fighting” WW2 Marine Corps Basic Training Film

Now don’t you folks start maiming one another – this is strictly for entertainment purposes – if you have a want to “entertain” yourself / or yourselves in this stuff – use wooden slats with duct tape handles for knives and PVC tubing for batons – there really is a fine line between “this isContinue reading ““Club and Knife Fighting” WW2 Marine Corps Basic Training Film”

From 1982 – The telephone exchange . . .

Good little film that gives you a behind the scenes sorta look at telephone systems as they evolved . . . Now take a look at what you are carrying in your pocket and how seamless that works . . . From Fran Blanche – go check her out – well worth the trip -andContinue reading “From 1982 – The telephone exchange . . .”