Housekeeping Traffic? Flash Traffic? EAM?

Most of the 30 + character messages are almost “housekeeping” traffic in nature – a tremendous amount of radio traffic is broadcast in a given week or month – when SAC was a happening thing the Sky King messages were being directed to those units currently in operational status. The last video gives you someContinue reading “Housekeeping Traffic? Flash Traffic? EAM?”

Montana PBS Production : HAM (Amateur Radio Documentary)

What if I told you that YOU could talk to anyone in the world – and depending on conditions – at just about anytime? . . . Interested?? CLICK HERE AND FIND YOUR LOCAL CLUB AND GO TALK TO THEM – they won’t bite and will try to answer YOUR questions – or they willContinue reading “Montana PBS Production : HAM (Amateur Radio Documentary)”

All Y’all Ready for the Christmas Rush? & other “Stuff”

Folks – this post is kinda all over the place – I’m drifting in and out from the turkey and dressing – Enjoy! Except for 2 or 3 gifts I’ve got mine all done – Got the last of the stocking stuffers wrapped today – I do not like wrapping itty-bitty little packages . .Continue reading “All Y’all Ready for the Christmas Rush? & other “Stuff””

“Pirate” and Regular Shortwave Radio Stations – Folks there is a TON of stuff out there . . .

But Bruce – there isn’t anything on my shortwave to listen to! – Really? There is a whole world of stuff out there – the next 3 to 5 weeks are going to be stupid busy but I will try to get some tips and tricks and techniques put together for you folks to helpContinue reading ““Pirate” and Regular Shortwave Radio Stations – Folks there is a TON of stuff out there . . .”

6678kHz Pirate Radio Echo Charlie 6678 kHz

The title is what he labeled his YouTube video – so there it is – there always has been stuff on shortwave that “isn’t” there – there are several different web sites out here that list virtually every sanctioned broadcast – what is amazing is the amount of stuff that you can find that noContinue reading “6678kHz Pirate Radio Echo Charlie 6678 kHz”