Smoky Mountain Knife Works – A Level of Customer Service That’s “A Cut Above”

You see what I did there . . . The review of the knives involved will hopefully get done this weekend . . . This post will take a look at their customer service . . . I ordered a knife from them that was featured on one of the daily “Flash Sales” – theyContinue reading “Smoky Mountain Knife Works – A Level of Customer Service That’s “A Cut Above””

From Kent For Liberty – Statists’ imaginary friend

Folks – if KENTFORLIBERTY.COM is NOT on your list of daily reads – IT SHOULD BE!! From Kent . . . Statists’ imaginary friend For a lot of people, government is their imaginary friend. In more ways than one. “The Government”, as many people seem to think of it, is imaginary. It is not somethingContinue reading “From Kent For Liberty – Statists’ imaginary friend”

Good Stuff from HRFunk – Snubby Revolvers: Obsolete?

Pay attention at about 3:00 minutes in – the vast majority of DGU‘s ( Defensive Gun Use’s ) DO NOT even involve discharge of the firearm! The number one thing is what fits the best – which firearm do you shoot the best? – Practice with it – Conceal it – Carry it – TheseContinue reading “Good Stuff from HRFunk – Snubby Revolvers: Obsolete?”