A big Shout out to the folks at Smoky Mountain Knife Works . . . Can’t come up with the “right” Christmas gift for that special someone – well . . . Smoky Mountain Knife Works more than likely has that “perfect gift” . . . I have already started my shopping . . .Continue reading “SMOKY MOUNTAIN KNIFE WORKS : THE WORLD’S LARGEST KNIFE STORE”

A Wee Bit of “Bling” for My Blushing Bride

Ordered a set of new grip screws from Wicked Grips < Click to GO!! > for her CZ75B High Polish – subtle but neat looking . . . BEFORE AFTER ( MUCH Better!! ) Cool stuff – comes with a tip to install with and ships FAST – Wicked Grips / Go Check them outContinue reading “A Wee Bit of “Bling” for My Blushing Bride”

One of the “Places” I Frequent – Maybe YOU Should Too…

I plow through 30 to 40 web sites a day – and not always the same ones every day . . . However there are some I check EVERY day – Kent’s “Hooligan Libertarian” Blog is a daily read – the man is an inspiration to those of us with a “limited” government thought processContinue reading “One of the “Places” I Frequent – Maybe YOU Should Too…”

Recoil Gunworks – or “A Tale of Two Glocks”

Found myself in the market for a second Glock 21 – more on that in a bit. Not that I am behind on “stuff” – but I bought this back in June and am just now getting this post put together – LOL . Looking around and found a deal on good to very goodContinue reading “Recoil Gunworks – or “A Tale of Two Glocks””