Brining “Stuff” or How the Brisket Came To Be . . .

Where to start?? You need a LARGE pot or a new – CLEAN – 5 gallon bucket – if you use an aluminum pot get a commercial grade pot – the handles wont break off while trying to move it ( Don’t Ask! ) into the fridge for soaking overnight – this particular pot isContinue reading “Brining “Stuff” or How the Brisket Came To Be . . .”

Pre-Christmas Cooking – Good & Easy Posole

Ok – you have all this “stuff” to do tomorrow ( Saturday ) – You don’t have to go to “crap in a box” or “booger queen” – you can have a great meal waiting when you finally stagger home tomorrow night . . . This is a neat one – you can adapt toContinue reading “Pre-Christmas Cooking – Good & Easy Posole”

Paul Harrell – Thanksgiving Special 2020

Try not to have any Scout camp flash backs while watching – or just enjoy the flash backs – entirely up to you – no judgement here . . . When in doubt – Add Bacon!! – or Chocolate Chips . . . And the last 20 minutes or so – Paul’s top 5 fiveContinue reading “Paul Harrell – Thanksgiving Special 2020”

Chicken Dragon Eggs – Oh My My – Good Stuff!!

The Chicken Rancher sent me this – so I tried it – It Eats!! Watching the video – I screamed myself hoarse telling the guy to sharpen his knife – the most dangerous thing there is ( besides a commie ) – a dull knife. I used split breasts – I skinned and de-boned themContinue reading “Chicken Dragon Eggs – Oh My My – Good Stuff!!”