Out of the Closet – H&R 926 “Defender”

H&R?? – it sure looks like Schofield !! or a top break Smith !! Nope – it’s not a 100 plus years old revolver – but produced in 1978 in a real power house cartridge – .38 S&W – LMAO! 38 S&W on the left – 38 special on the right H&R was still producingContinue reading “Out of the Closet – H&R 926 “Defender””

The Voyage of the Scarlet Queen – The Shanghai Secret

Here are episodes 1 & 2 – episode 1 was the audition or pilot episode – episode 2 is the same basic story line but with the final cast that they started the series with . . . As Always – Enjoy !! and the same basic episode with the final cast selections in placeContinue reading “The Voyage of the Scarlet Queen – The Shanghai Secret”

Pacific Tool Company

From Hornady’s website . . . ( CLICK HERE to go there ) Expansion into Reloading Steve Hornady, Joyce’s youngest son, joined the company in 1970, and Marval Hornady, his wife, began full-time employment in 1972. Additional management support was essential as the company entered the next stage of development. In 1971, the company diversifiedContinue reading “Pacific Tool Company”

Out of the Closet – JC Higgins Model 31

The little darling was brought to me to try and figure out why it not do anything but dump the magazine when it was cocked and the bolt was released forward. It had not been looked at in over 10 years. When the rifle exhibited the full auto failure the owner put it up andContinue reading “Out of the Closet – JC Higgins Model 31”

Out of the Closet – S&W 22A-1

Smith made these until springtime of 2015 – considered by many to by a “poor man’s” Model 41. The Model 41 is a full up competition gun – pricey at $1599 – “semi”  mass produced but hand fitted – essentially what would be considered a performance center gun and Smith holds to incredibly tight tolerancesContinue reading “Out of the Closet – S&W 22A-1”

Out of the Closet – JC Higgins Model 60

This is kind of a neat one this time – it gives you quite a range of stuff – from marketing to to field to table! First off – J.C. Higgins was an actual person – not just a created pesona or some dreg of humanity with a pretty face ( hoolywood – lower caseContinue reading “Out of the Closet – JC Higgins Model 60”