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This gets incredibly “NERDY” – really good stuff here – but it is a deep dive – Enjoy! If YOU need more “stuff”? – Check out Lucky Gunner’s YouTube Channel! Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

Palmetto State Armory’s Answer . . .

. . . to the Glock brand Glock G19 . . . I picked up the SCT frame and completion parts kit – the 19 long slide/barrel/slide completion kit from Brownells – the compact and “full” size Dagger frames on a great “Daily Deal” bundle and the Dagger SW3 RMR slide from PSA – whichContinue reading “Palmetto State Armory’s Answer . . .”

Embarrassing Gun Questions Pt1 & Pt2

When you are dealing with firearms – there is no such thing as a dumb or stupid question – ask the question – when in doubt – ask the questions! It’s like cooking – when in doubt – add bacon! PART 1 PART 2 The young lady has a good channel and presents information inContinue reading “Embarrassing Gun Questions Pt1 & Pt2”

Where / When Does Constructive Possession Begin?

So now that the gun control movement cult of death is turning it’s focus back on pistol braces and I’m sure it will be an immediate death sentence for even constructive possession of an AR pistol brace – followed at some point by a nice fair trial – I have to ask – When doesContinue reading “Where / When Does Constructive Possession Begin?”

CZ75 / PSA “Full Size” Comparison – Thank You Mr. Squeaky Duck!

In an earlier post I mentioned that the PSA full size frame had a CZ75 “feel” thing going on – so I thought I would put them together and compare the two of them visually for you folks . . . Here they are back to back ( the money shot is at about 37Continue reading “CZ75 / PSA “Full Size” Comparison – Thank You Mr. Squeaky Duck!”

Brownells 19LS & 19LS Barrel – Have a Look!

No bang bang this weekend – still waiting on the rear sight – Yea I know – why didn’t I order the sights when I ordered the barrel that I forgot to order when I ordered the slide and parts kit for the slide – we’re not going there – OK? The machining and finishContinue reading “Brownells 19LS & 19LS Barrel – Have a Look!”