Friday Music – Horse Kissing/Wife Roping Edition

Looking for something else entirely and ran up on Terry Stafford’s “Amarillo By Morning” and gave it a listen – after all he wrote it . . . Then of course I had to listen to George Strait doing it – it’s his (more or less) signature song . . . Which led to thisContinue reading “Friday Music – Horse Kissing/Wife Roping Edition”

Friday Music – All Over the Place . . .

With shows like Shindig and American Bandstand and many others – here and the U.K. and France – the lines between T.V. and music have been blurry for a long time – I even threw in some old T.V. stuff at the bottom – Enjoy! Recognize the host on this next one? You see whatContinue reading “Friday Music – All Over the Place . . .”

Friday Music – Whiskey Bottle / Brand New Car Edition . . .

I know Shortstack will enjoy this – and I know he won’t mind the rest of you folks enjoying it either – LOL! And a special treat all the way at the bottom – 45 songs in a pile – one of those click and let it play things – Enjoy! Play it LOUD andContinue reading “Friday Music – Whiskey Bottle / Brand New Car Edition . . .”