Friday Music / Mellencamp -The Hombres & More

Starting off with John Mellencamp’s take on “Let It All Hang Out” . . . And here it is by the original artists – one of the classic 60’s garage rock bands “The Hombres” . . . And the full album – “Let it Out” . . . And while we’re doing 60’s garage rockContinue reading “Friday Music / Mellencamp -The Hombres & More”

Friday Music – Easing out of 2021 with a little jazz

Feet up and enjoy – The Vince Guaraldi Trio will take care of the rest . . . And a little bonus for YOU! – I know the music has some familiar elements to it – Ready?? – Here we go! And a special bonus for YOU ( and YOU ) – The soundtrack fromContinue reading “Friday Music – Easing out of 2021 with a little jazz”