Friday Music – Tripping around in the 60’s

Not only were they going in the 60’s – they are still doing it today . . . The 60’s? – The Hollies! – one of my favorite 60’s groups . . . And some Moody Blues – a laid aside studio track that wasn’t released until 2007 – “recorded at Wessex Studios – 4thContinue reading “Friday Music – Tripping around in the 60’s”

Friday Music / Sultan of Swing – Django Reinhardt – Full Album

From the comments – “Outstanding,Gypsy jazz at its best. Django could do more with his damaged left hand than most of us will ever manage with a full set of digits. He and Stephanne Grappelli complemented each other perfectly.Superb.” I just don’t have much to add – except – Enjoy!! Have Fun! – Run theContinue reading “Friday Music / Sultan of Swing – Django Reinhardt – Full Album”