Pawn Shop Score! – Taurus 605 / .357 Magnum – Oh Boy!

Cruising through the local shop pawn shop to pick up my Blushing Bride something “blingy” for Valentines Day I spied a Taurus languishing away in the display case. Of course being the charitable soul that I am – adoption procedures were started forthwith . . . Came with a DeSantis IWB ( Inside the WaistContinue reading “Pawn Shop Score! – Taurus 605 / .357 Magnum – Oh Boy!”

2 Reviews / Colt Competition Series / 45 ACP

Ran across 2 reviews of Colt Competition Series ( their CCS line ) for you folks – One from Sootch00 and one from HRFunk – Sit back and enjoy some 1911 goodness . . . Sootch00 kinda missteps in this video – he says it is a 70 series trigger – but if you payContinue reading “2 Reviews / Colt Competition Series / 45 ACP”

M&P Shield 45 Review – A Quick Look from Officer Greg

Enjoy! I picked up my .45 Shield used from my local gun shop just before the dempanic for $315 buckaroos – just to illustrate how people have been programmed into reactionary panic – I turned down a $550 offer for it last month – just wow . . . Have Fun! – Run the Gun!Continue reading “M&P Shield 45 Review – A Quick Look from Officer Greg”

Sig P232 / A Blast From the Past / Part One

The little Sig P232 in all its glory – in the red box – factory certified used – with all the usual suspects – and two mags . . . Sig started this series with the P230 in 1977 – they released a re-design in 1996 – the P232 – The most obvious differences? TheContinue reading “Sig P232 / A Blast From the Past / Part One”

Hi Point C9 – Factory vs Modified Magazines

Actually managed to get to the range to check the factory vs modded mags – got there just before closing – in and out in 15 minutes – not worried about aiming to any degree – wanting to check for the dreaded nose dive issue – ran 4 mags – and I was surprised .Continue reading “Hi Point C9 – Factory vs Modified Magazines”