2 Reviews / Colt Competition Series / 45 ACP

Ran across 2 reviews of Colt Competition Series ( their CCS line ) for you folks – One from Sootch00 and one from HRFunk – Sit back and enjoy some 1911 goodness . . .

Sootch00 kinda missteps in this video – he says it is a 70 series trigger – but if you pay attention at about 15 minutes you see the “lift” in the frame and the firing pin block it contacts on the under side of the slide . . .

HRFunk picked himself up a two tone – my personal preference is the flat black . . .

My Bushing Bride’s CCS is in 9MM – and it came with two mags – I figure Colt realizes if you are shooting Europellets you are going to need twice as many to get the job done – LOL!

Really nice pistols – well worth the price of admission – some nice features to get you started in competition shooting at a price point you can live with – if memory serves me right – I think my Blushing Bride’s 9MM CCS was $949.00.

Really only have one twitch with the CCS from Colt – I am not a fan of the under cut at the rear of the trigger guard – shoot way too much with regular government models and I tend to shoot a wee bit low with the under cut – and one more twitch with my Blushing Bride’s CCS – a 1911 is supposed to go KA-BOOM! KA-BOOM! – not pew pew – a “proper” and “true” 1911 must be in God’s chosen caliber as handed down to St. Browning – the 45ACP!! LMAO!

Colt also makes a stainless CCS chambered in 38SUPER – which I am lusting after – if YOU just can’t decide which one? 9MM – 45ACP – 38SUPER? – Buy them all – just tell your Chief Financial Officer you have MY permission – and good luck with that!

Just be careful with using that little piece of advice – I have a friend who told his wife that after bringing home $2000 + in two pistol boxes and I caught Hell the next time I went over there!

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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