From 1982 – The telephone exchange . . .

Good little film that gives you a behind the scenes sorta look at telephone systems as they evolved . . . Now take a look at what you are carrying in your pocket and how seamless that works . . . From Fran Blanche – go check her out – well worth the trip -andContinue reading “From 1982 – The telephone exchange . . .”

Fisking one of the many Dumb Hot Takes on The Rittenhouse Case

From Monster Hunter Nation – For the full article CLICK HERE – the comments are worth the trip! “In the aftermath of the Rittenhouse trial there are a bunch of posts like this floating around social media. They all work off the same talking points so they are basically interchangeable. These are all being sharedContinue reading “Fisking one of the many Dumb Hot Takes on The Rittenhouse Case”

Battleship Guns of WW2 – A series of tubes

Drachinifel does a really good job of comparing battleship guns of the various navies – probably a little dry for most people – but interesting none the less . . . The pictures by themselves are worth the price of admission . . . Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – FishContinue reading “Battleship Guns of WW2 – A series of tubes”

HMS Royal Oak – A Documentary Well Worth Your Time . . .

Very well done – From the site : On the night of Friday 13th October 1939 German U Boat Commander Gunther Prien penetrated the British Navy’s main anchorage at Scapa Flow and sank HMS Royal Oak. 833 men lost their lives in one of the worst tragedies in British Naval history.The wreck of HMS RoyalContinue reading “HMS Royal Oak – A Documentary Well Worth Your Time . . .”

If I could just figure out a way to get to Osaka!

If any of you folks want to bankroll the trip – let me know in the comments – LOL! – but I would love to go there and spend a couple of weeks eating my way through the menu . . . I suppose I could do the Patreon thing – and there would beContinue reading “If I could just figure out a way to get to Osaka!”

Fort Drum: America’s Unsinkable ‘Concrete Battleship’

Fort Drum, originally known as El Fraile Island, is a huge, now ruinous complex of concrete and steel that once guarded the southern entrance to Manila bay. It’s consutuction and took years and for much of it’s history, it was regarded as strange, unique oddity on the horizon of manila bay. For a brief fewContinue reading “Fort Drum: America’s Unsinkable ‘Concrete Battleship’”