Question: What’s the difference . . .

. . . between a blonde and a B52?? – Answer: The B52 is the best truck ever built by man . . . As a side note – prior to this latest round of upgrades the “BUFF” was mission slated until at least 2045 – folks that’s 90 years – just WOW! Throwing thisContinue reading “Question: What’s the difference . . .”

Montana PBS Production : HAM (Amateur Radio Documentary)

What if I told you that YOU could talk to anyone in the world – and depending on conditions – at just about anytime? . . . Interested?? CLICK HERE AND FIND YOUR LOCAL CLUB AND GO TALK TO THEM – they won’t bite and will try to answer YOUR questions – or they willContinue reading “Montana PBS Production : HAM (Amateur Radio Documentary)”

Industry On Parade – From Aluminum to Batteries to Fishing

Went to several Masters Degrees in Alumina Lodge #574 before they moved from Bauxite, AR to Bryant, AR – the old building was quite the place – 2nd floor over the county historical society – been there just about forever – still had pot belly wood stoves in the corners of the lodge room .Continue reading “Industry On Parade – From Aluminum to Batteries to Fishing”

Charles Phoenix JOYRIDE: 1956 Mercury X-M Turnpike Cruiser

Mercury was not to be left behind in the concept car “wars” – Mercury built ONE Turnpike Cruiser in 1955 and showed it off in 1956 – I don’t like Fords BUT I would drive this . . . But Wait – There’s More! Mercury took from the concept car what they could incorporate intoContinue reading “Charles Phoenix JOYRIDE: 1956 Mercury X-M Turnpike Cruiser”