Good Stuff from HRFunk – Snubby Revolvers: Obsolete?

Pay attention at about 3:00 minutes in – the vast majority of DGU‘s ( Defensive Gun Use’s ) DO NOT even involve discharge of the firearm! The number one thing is what fits the best – which firearm do you shoot the best? – Practice with it – Conceal it – Carry it – TheseContinue reading “Good Stuff from HRFunk – Snubby Revolvers: Obsolete?”

Why Should You Carry a Traditional Pocket Knife?

These guys pretty much got trounced in the comments on this video – if you pay attention – they really are not at a high level of comprehension about “traditional” knives and the different patterns and models – I have been around knives ( and firearms ) all my life – and knives – allContinue reading “Why Should You Carry a Traditional Pocket Knife?”