Trump, Snakes and Pizza…

Folks – if the blog “My Planet – My Rules” is not on your list of daily reads – IT SHOULD BE!! Here’s a couple of excepts from the post on the 17th – +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Trump, Snakes and Pizza… “Show me the man and I will find you the crime…” — Levrentiy BeriaI seriously didContinue reading “Trump, Snakes and Pizza…”

The BMEWS Mission : The Men of TOR

“Here’s a now declassified look at the BMEWS [Ballistic Missile Early Warning System] radars that were in place in Alaska, Greenland, and the UK. Of interest to radio amateurs and others are the water cooled 9 foot tall tubes used in the transmitters, the miles of waveguides leading to the reflector antennae, and the immenseContinue reading “The BMEWS Mission : The Men of TOR”

Brownells 19LS & 19LS Barrel – Have a Look!

No bang bang this weekend – still waiting on the rear sight – Yea I know – why didn’t I order the sights when I ordered the barrel that I forgot to order when I ordered the slide and parts kit for the slide – we’re not going there – OK? The machining and finishContinue reading “Brownells 19LS & 19LS Barrel – Have a Look!”