Brownells 19LS & 19LS Barrel – Have a Look!

No bang bang this weekend – still waiting on the rear sight – Yea I know – why didn’t I order the sights when I ordered the barrel that I forgot to order when I ordered the slide and parts kit for the slide – we’re not going there – OK? The machining and finishContinue reading “Brownells 19LS & 19LS Barrel – Have a Look!”

A Little Friday Bonus Music – A Pair to Draw To . . .

This collaboration between The Velvet Fog ( Mel Torme for you uninitiated folks – LOL! ) and George Shearing has always been high on my list. Between the sheer talent of George Shearing and the voice of Mel Torme – Oh My! . . . And stumbling through the interwebs – I ran across thisContinue reading “A Little Friday Bonus Music – A Pair to Draw To . . .”

By Request – Barry White’s Greatest Hits Album

I know what YOU are planning for this Saturday night! – YOU may have some of these folks out here fooled – but YOU ain’t fooling ME! For the rest of you folks out there – enjoy the tunes . . . . Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish HeadsContinue reading “By Request – Barry White’s Greatest Hits Album”