Out of the Closet – H&R 926 “Defender”

H&R?? – it sure looks like Schofield !! or a top break Smith !! Nope – it’s not a 100 plus years old revolver – but produced in 1978 in a real power house cartridge – .38 S&W – LMAO! 38 S&W on the left – 38 special on the right H&R was still producingContinue reading “Out of the Closet – H&R 926 “Defender””

Colt Competition Series Head to Head against Fusion Reaction

Taking a look at these two is almost an apple to orange comparison – The CCS – the Colt Competition Series is marketed towards an entry level IDPA market slice whereas the Fusion Reaction is marketed more towards defensive or range use – yet they both overlap each way – they are staring each otherContinue reading “Colt Competition Series Head to Head against Fusion Reaction”

Fusion Firearms – 1911 Reaction 5″ – 9mm

The “Reaction” comes in a really nice range bag that makes a quick trip to the range a breeze – multiple pockets inside and out . . . Bruce – What? Stop with the bag – we want to see the pistol !!! Oh – Okay . . . Good looker – The cocobolo gripsContinue reading “Fusion Firearms – 1911 Reaction 5″ – 9mm”

Colt Competition Series 1911 in 9 mm – Neat Stuff!

Colt came out with their CCS ( Colt Competition Series ) line a few years back – with the intent of offering multiple upgrades on a government model pistol as a “package” included with the pistol – saving the end user a considerable amount of time and money in upgrading a government model to theContinue reading “Colt Competition Series 1911 in 9 mm – Neat Stuff!”

“Man With No Name” from Cimarron F.A. Co.

There was quite a stir in 1964 – 65 – 66 with the “Man With No Name” movies -even though “The Man With No Name” uses an 1873 Single Action Army in the movies they are a real hoot – Uberti and Pietta both make the no name firearms – they are distinctive because ofContinue reading ““Man With No Name” from Cimarron F.A. Co.”

A Good Looker from Italy : Uberti Bisley in .45 Colt

You really gotta hand to the Italian People – they make some fine looking things . . . Come on Bruce – we ain’t looking for Italian cars Pics !! . . . Ok – Fine – no more Italian cars . . . As much as we “appreciate” these good looking Italian exports –Continue reading “A Good Looker from Italy : Uberti Bisley in .45 Colt”

Uberti “Holy Smoker” Chambered in 32-20

This post we are going to take a look at “The Holy Smoker” by Uberti – chambered in 32-20 and it is just a hoot to shoot – Recoil?? You’re kidding – right?? With a weight of just over 2 1/2 lbs combined with the 32 caliber “cowboy” load – recoil is almost nonexistent –Continue reading “Uberti “Holy Smoker” Chambered in 32-20″