Arex REX Zero 1 CP – At the Range

Got out to the range and burned up about 200 rounds of Winchester White Box 115 grain ball – went through several targets – kind of a getting acquainted thing. Very impressive piece. Dug the CZ 2075 RAMI out of the bunker – a closes match to the REX – the CZ is one veryContinue reading “Arex REX Zero 1 CP – At the Range”

S&W 45 Shield – Small Package – BIG Performance !!

Smith & Wesson continues to expand their Shield line with the intro of a .45 caliber version – and yes – like the rest you can get it in just about ANY flavor you want – with or without – thumb safety / night sight sights / performance center version / garbage disposal / dishwasherContinue reading “S&W 45 Shield – Small Package – BIG Performance !!”

Recoil Gunworks – or “A Tale of Two Glocks”

Found myself in the market for a second Glock 21 – more on that in a bit. Not that I am behind on “stuff” – but I bought this back in June and am just now getting this post put together – LOL . Looking around and found a deal on good to very goodContinue reading “Recoil Gunworks – or “A Tale of Two Glocks””

A Genuine Star Review – and we’re not talking about no fake Hollywood star

One of the best sites on the internet for Star history is right here – I am not going to copy and paste a bunch of stuff from his site – If you want to really get into Star and their “stuff” I urge you to follow the link – get a bowl of popcornContinue reading “A Genuine Star Review – and we’re not talking about no fake Hollywood star”

32NAA Guardian Review

NAA GUARDIAN – chambered in 32NAA The NAA Guardian line of pistols are among the elite of pocket guns – right there with Seecamp -or  Rorbaugh – stainless steel construction – exquisitely made – incredible little machines. Four different chamberings are available – 380 acp and 32NAA (in this size) – 32 acp and 25Continue reading “32NAA Guardian Review”