“Man With No Name” from Cimarron F.A. Co.

There was quite a stir in 1964 – 65 – 66 with the “Man With No Name” movies -even though “The Man With No Name” uses an 1873 Single Action Army in the movies they are a real hoot –

Uberti and Pietta both make the no name firearms – they are distinctive because of the inlay of a snake in the grip – pretty much any of the old cowboy replicas with a “snake” grip is considered a “Man With No Name” firearm – so let’s look at what we have here . . .

A Uberti 1872 Colt “Open Top” chambered in 44Colt as sold (more on THAT in a bit) – it’s not a conversion revolver – converted from black powder to fire metallic cartridges but these were built by Colt as a revolver to fire metallic cartridges as they came out of the factory. Colt shopped them to the Army but the Army wanted a solid frame revolver not an open top, Colt continued to produce these for two years then brought the 1873 SAA to market and the rest is history. Colt only made 7000 of these in 2 years making any original open tops in any shape except scrap stupidly valuable. But thanks to Uberti and others you can own and shoot one !!

They breakdown easy enough – half turn on the wedge screw – knock the wedge out – apart they come . . .

Really a well made piece . . .

A look at the “frame” – nice work . . .

And a look at the “markings” – and a look at the bluing – really nice !!

And you could call this a conversion revolver since it was converted to 32-20 – changed out the cylinder and sleeved the barrel –

It was converted to 32-20 sometime back – (myself I want one in 45 Colt) makes it a real sweet heart to shoot – almost no recoil – the 32-20 chambering is great for teaching kids or people who are getting used to that recoil thing .

The 7 1/2 barrel is a little nose heavy – not as bad as you would think – the plow handle grips make a difference- and really makes for a good looker . . .

Ok Bruce – What do you think??

YOU are not emotionally prepared for what I think!!

Bruce . . . What do you think about the gun ??? – You sir are an asshole !!

Oh – the gun . . . Really?? You do realize I am simply an enabler – right?? I mean do you really expect ME to tell you NOT to go buy one???

Smiley face thoughts – they are FUN to shoot – they point good and feel good – they are one of the neatest ( reproduction ) pieces of firearms history you can hold , own , AND shoot – just having one is a kinda two fold want/need thing – rarity – I assure you not everybody has one – and it was a “transition” revolver” between percussion and the full frame cartridge revolvers we have today – actually simple to break down and clean . . .

Not saying these are negative thoughts . . . reassembly require a little bit of a learning curve since the cylinder face / force cone gap is determined by how far you tap the wedge in when putting it back together – the sights (and yes they are on these as Colt made them back in the day) are almost nonexistent – for some folks it tends too feel too nose heavy – they are not available in – insert which ever hand cannon round you want to beat yourself up with . . .

Bottom line – you haven’t bought one yet because . . .??

And I simply couldn’t resist – not after all this “no name” stuff . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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