Look what followed me home- and my blushing bride let me keep it!!

Ok – so it’s a box . . .

Yes it is a box – and there is even something in it!!

Alright Bruce – show us the damn thing already!!

A Uberti 1873 Cattleman – 3 1/2 barrel – Bird’s Head grip – and in a real caliber – 45 Colt!! Boys and girls let me tell you – it is SWEET!! I have always had a liking for “birds head” grips but everything feels like it’s going to roll out of my grip – feels like it’s going to pitch over forward. Spied this hiding in the display case and asked the man if I could fondle it – I promised not to lick on it – he’s like ok . . . – but if you lick on it you ARE buying it!! – they know me – LOL! With the 3 1/2 inch barrel it felt great! Hell I didn’t want to let go of it while he smiled and took my money but he had to get the numbers off of it. You really need to slip over to Guns Unlimited at check out the stuff they have on sale – this little sweetheart was marked down to $379 – ran home and cleaned the factory stuff off – almost like a thin layer of hard preservative – ran to the range and dumped 30 rounds through it- Oh My . . .

Am not sure what that flyer down low is about – but there’s 10 carefully aimed shots – right by the number 9 on the target dropped three rounds almost in the same hole – then went to 7 yards . . .

And a flyer up top – the hole way up top on the cardboard backer is not mine – the birds head grip really helps manage recoil – went back to 4 yards again and cranked off 5 rounds just as fast as I could pull the hammer back and drop it – just a point and shoot kinda thing . . .

Moved to 7 yards – same thing – point the pistol and cranked off 5 more . . .

First impressions?? – Oh My My Oh Hell Yes – Baby put on that Party Dress !! – Definitely going to have to start reloading – 45 Colt is not as cheap as 9mm – the shorter barrel feels “right” with the birds head grips – and the grips really help with the recoil – fit and finish are excellent – my blushing bride looked at it and said that’s a nice piece – and she’s right ! There’s something about blued steel and wood – 2 or 3 hundred rounds of Practice ( there you go with that P word again !! ) and this will be a tack driver, alright – a sledge hammer – but it will do it !! Other thoughts ?? Have to figure out a holster(s) to use – You wouldn’t carry that thing would you, Bruce?? Yes – Yes I will – It is incredibly accurate – rate of fire is not quite up there with a semi-auto and reloads are slooow – but that’s why you carry two firearms, it’s called a “New York Reload” – got into that habit in a past lifetime – it’s quicker to pull another than to reload the first – 45 Colt is a devastating round compared to a 9mm – think 2×4 compared to a flyswatter.

Kinda chunky for concealed carry but not any worse than the Model 10 I carried – it was a 4 inch barrel and done right it concealed quite well . . .

Empty weight is less than a government model 1911

Above : with 5 rounds / Below : with 6 rounds

But it’s a single action army – you can’t carry with six !! With the hammer down – No you cannot. Period.

With the hammer down the fixed firing pin is resting against the primer – not good. Uberti has utilized the first notch as a safety – at about a 1/4 inch off of the frame the hammer will “stage” – it moves the trigger forward and locks it and the hammer – note the difference in the trigger position from the photo above and the one below.

You cannot pull the trigger and the hammer will not go forward – kinda neat what they have done . . . Now I just need to run a couple hundred rounds through it and fine tune my grip and flash sight picture and find a holster setup !!

Here’s a couple of glamor shots for you . . .

More stuff coming – hope to see you at the range !!

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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