Hickok45 with some Uberti “Stuff” and SAA cleaning

Parts 1& 2 of Hickok45 running a Uberti Cattleman with “regular” grips – it is I believe a 6 1/2 inch barrel and in stainless – That old boy at the store has one like it but in nickel – on sale for $479 – I freely admit I am having this lust thing going on – just saying . . . Oh well – kick back and enjoy some Hikok45 – and when your done – check out his channel!

And part 2 – or as Hickok45 calls it – Chapter 2 . . .

And a cleaning video – Now he’s using Ballistol – I’m lukewarm on it – I prefer Hoppes #9 then cover with CLP – When my blushing bride wants to get my “attention” she puts a dab of Hoppes behind each ear – Yes dear – I am in the game!! – LMAO! – all in all a decent video showing SAA cleaning . . . and for you folks in Chalco Hills – SAA = Single Action Army – referencing the fact that the initial primary purchaser of this Colt model made in Single Action was the US Army . . . and in decent enough quantities that Colt was able to ramp up and get that economy of scale thing going and get the pistol into the civilian market at a competitive price point.

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Not only are Fish Heads Cheap – but if you are not practicing – your skill set is diminishing!!

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