Out of the Closet – S&W 22A-1

Smith made these until springtime of 2015 – considered by many to by a “poor man’s” Model 41. The Model 41 is a full up competition gun – pricey at $1599 – “semi”  mass produced but hand fitted – essentially what would be considered a performance center gun and Smith holds to incredibly tight tolerancesContinue reading “Out of the Closet – S&W 22A-1”

A Henry for Christmas ?? – You’ll shoot your eye out!!

I went to look for an adult sized Red Ryder BB Gun for Christmas – ( yes – I know – be careful or I’ll shoot my eye out!! ) and this followed me home. One of several nice things about being an adult is having a favorite burner on the stove – another isContinue reading “A Henry for Christmas ?? – You’ll shoot your eye out!!”

Sig P250 -A Great Pistol that just didn’t make it . . .

LNIB – complete with all the usual “stuff” . . . Sig had a neat idea with the P250 – a fire control group that was the “actual” serialized firearm – and then sell caliber “x-change ” kits – buy one firearm (functional) in your choice of caliber and the all you have to doContinue reading “Sig P250 -A Great Pistol that just didn’t make it . . .”

Sig 1911 – Not your Grandfather’s .45

Sig did something different here with their break from “traditional” 1911’s . . . (and they do make a nice line of the “traditional” style 1911’s “) The changes are obvious when their side by side : magwell memory bump grip safety extended up swept beaver tail spur less skeletonized hammer dove tail sights frontContinue reading “Sig 1911 – Not your Grandfather’s .45”