32NAA Guardian Review

NAA GUARDIAN – chambered in 32NAA


The NAA Guardian line of pistols are among the elite of pocket guns – right there with Seecamp -or  Rorbaugh – stainless steel construction – exquisitely made – incredible little machines. Four different chamberings are available – 380 acp and 32NAA (in this size) – 32 acp and 25 NAA – the last two are even smaller and are damn near works of art. North American Arms are best known by their line of “Mini” revolvers – they are works of art. If I can ever get the approval of my CFO (chief financial officer – heh heh ) I might have to pick one up.

Let’s take a look at my little darling . . . .


Basic breakdown – One nice thing – the guide rod is somewhat “caught” in the double recoil spring so when it goes zing across the room it is a little easier to find.


Take down button – press the button and pull the slide back and up – your there!


Slide – like the frame is machined out of solid stainless


View of feed ramp and hammer


Left side view – showing mag release and decent look at barrel to frame mounting


on top of Kel Tec P3AT


Hiding under a Kel Tec P3AT


Empty weight – no mag


Carry weight – gun – mag – 7 rounds

The little Guardian just vanishes into a pocket – it is D/A (double action) only – hammer fired and 7 rounds of the wildest little round you will ever touch off. Let’s take a look at the round – 32NAA


Left to right – 38 special – 9mm – 380 – 32NAA

Critical Defense 32NAA – Spec –

Bullet Weight – 80 grains

Bullet Style –  Flex Tip Expanding

Case Type – Nickeled Brass

Muzzle Velocity – 1000 fps

Muzzle Energy – 178 ft lbs

When chambered in 32NAA the little pistol just performs – and very well  – being a bottle neck cartridge you have no feed or extraction issues and the Hornady bullet is a stellar performer (for an 80 grain bullet) averaging 13 inches into ballistic gel – through four layers of denim and consistently expanding to 50 caliber – thanks Hornady!

The pistol is almost pleasurable to shoot – to me very little recoil – some folks think differently – I think they just don’ expect as much recoil as there is – weight of the pistol helps offset it (over 1 1/4 lbs loaded) – quite a bit of muzzle blast – in fact a whole lot of muzzle blast! Fairly accurate for almost non existent sights – but it is a hoot to shoot – only down side is it’s about 85 cents every time it goes bang. I have seen several reviews where the person complains about the last round stove piping – wow – just fucking wow – people – the guns have no ejectors – they are designed so the next round in the magazine pushes the empty cartridge out of the way – the extractor strips the empty out and the next round pushes it out of the way – if it stove pipes – your empty – pull the empty mag – insert loaded mag – pull the slide back – let go of slide – go bang bang. Some people’s children!! – hell – some people should not have children.

I have to ask – should I get a new set of grips???  Realizing of course that I will have to get my CFO’s sign off!


They are only $71.00 (plus shipping) and I think that I would make them look so so good – me being me and all . . .

Couple of quick videos – first is Shawn Steiner – one round was enough for him . . .

You actually get a good look at the porting on the 9×25 conversion barrel in the Glock 20 on the bench

Next is Jaques with a triple tap – muzzle flash and blast is stout

Thanks to Inner10 and the crew – they make this stuff a lot easier!!

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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