Let’s take a bath – sorry Greg – no Asian girls in bubble baths – we’re talking about firearm cleaning . . .

No, this is not going to be a post about girls and bubble baths. having shot the 642-2 and having several folks ask about cleaning firearms – here we go . . .

The Stuff


Hoppe’s No. 9  – it works.


BREAK FREE CLP – More good stuff


The rest of the stuff . . .


One dirty firearm – almost as much fun cleaning them as getting them dirty!

One simple step at a time – get a patch wet with hoppe’s no.9 – push it through the cylinders and barrel and get the areas that are dirty – around the force cone, face of the receiver etc good and wet – if the patch gets dirty – at this point it really doesn’t matter. If you need to get the patch wet again – use a clean one don’t contaminate you bottle of solvent. I use a small bottle to work out of so if a spill occurs the big bottle doesn’t get dumped. Not that I would know anything about dumping a quart bottle of HOPPE’S


Everything wet? – put the brass brush on the cleaning rod – 5 or 6 times through the cylinders and 10 or 12 times though the barrel – Take the nylon brush and  brush around the force cone and receiver face areas – then repeat the whole process – fresh wet patch – brush/brush etc. now run a fresh wet patch through the cylinders – then a dry patch – dry patch should be clean – wet patch w/jag back and forth through the barrel – then dry patch.


Extractor – check the area for any powder residue – debris etc.

Now just dry the firearm and go after the powder/lead residue mess with the lead removal cloth -the next set of pictures came out decent – showing how if you keep scrubbing it keeps coming off.


Birchwood Casey lead removal cloths are a really good product


Still a little bit to go around the force cone – Use a chop stick or Popsicle stick or something similar  with the end cut in a narrow wedge and rub the cloth in there – it will get it clean.

Wipe it all down with a dry cloth – sparingly oil a patch with CLP and push through the barrel and the cylinders – follow with a dry patch – you’re done! On a firearm with a blued finish you would want to take a lightly oiled cloth and wipe it down – good to store it – for a carry piece (blued) one last wipe with a silicone cloth – ready to go back in service.

Have fun! – Run the Gun – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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