Where the flamingos roam-

I have had a number of people ask about the lawn that the flamingos romp around on. Folks, all I do is cut the stuff. The question I ask everyone – Are you fighting your lawn or are you enjoying your lawn? More importantly are your flamingos enjoying their lawn?


Do they have the occasional pick up ball game?


Do your flamingos steal your carbonated and non-carbonated adult beverages and start conga lines?

Do they hang with the squirrels around the bottom of the bird feeders?

If you are spending your time fighting your lawn instead of enjoying your lawn you need to call Sunset Lawns – 402-537-8030 – and talk to them about your lawn. Sunset Lawns is economical and their service truly works. They put six treatments per season on your lawn. What it needs and when it needs it. No guessing your way way through the stuff you buy at the store – how much? when? water afterwards? All the guess work gone. This is the second season and the difference is hard to believe. Don’t have time to mow? – let them know – they have companies available to make your lawn touch free if you want.

I cut my lawn with the mower set as high as it will go – no lay over – no matting – it is so thick it stands up at a 4 inch cutting height!! Take your shoes and socks off and it is like walking on a thick shag carpet, no stickers or burrs – nothing – just thick green lawn. They went ahead and aerated and over seeded at the end of the first season. (it had been years and there were several thin spots) The lawn is so thick that I have only watered twice this year! The thicker and taller the grass the better the soil  retains moisture and subsequently the less watering.

If you want to enjoy your lawn and more importantly have your flamingos enjoy your lawn give Sunset Lawns a call (402-537-8030) – their motto – “in thickness and in health” – and they mean it!

Originally published in August 1016 – still using Sunset Lawns and the flamingos are still enjoying themselves!!

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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