CZ 2075 RAMI


From CZ’s website

The CZ 2075 RAMI is a sub-compact semi-automatic based on the proven CZ 75 line of pistols. Just like the 75, the RAMI is double action/single action, allowing it to be carried in different conditions depending on the shooter’s preferences. Several safety devices are used including a firing pin block and a manual safety. Incorporating the CZ double-stack magazine design, the little RAMI ships with a 10 round flush-mount magazine and 14 round extended magazine, and a low capacity-compliant version is available with two 10 round magazines. With a 3” barrel and an unloaded weight of less than 26 ounces, the black polycoat, alloy-framed RAMI is ideal for concealed carry.

Picked this up at INNER10 – Jacques got 4 of them in – they didn’t last the week !! Y’all have seen several sneak peaks of this in previous posts – well here we go –


Added the G10 grips – they really “finish” the RAMI appearance wise – not to knock the factory grips – good texture but very plain. Shown in these two pics with the 14 round extended mag – these next two will give you a good idea of “pinky hanging” vs full grip – 10 round vs 14 round grip


10 round


14 round

The advantage of the 10 round mag is conceal-ability – the shorter the grip – the easier to conceal – the extended mag gives you 14 rounds for a reload.

Let’s take a look under the hood . . .


Line up the first notch with the back of the frame – push the pin out from the right side – may have to give it a tap – Gently!! Use a mag base plate . . .


Comes apart just about like everything else – take the slide off – pull the spring – drop the barrel – there ya be !


Looking down the mag well –


Under side of the slide showing the firing pin block –


The guide rod is a little different with one spring captured and one spring not –


The feed ramp comes smooth from the factory – no need to fluff and buff !!


Factory stated weight is 25.9 ounces – this one with G10 grips on this scale – 23.1


The footprint is just about identical to the S&W Shield – But it is thicker which is an advantage grip wise – gives you more real estate to get a hold of but it does make it a little harder to conceal


You almost over reach with the Shield grip – grip is borderline too thin – combined with the higher bore axis the Shield tends to move around a bit when firing – especially with one hand – and there is not a lot of room for a two handed grip – practice will overcome both issues – the Shield tends to be less of a natural shooter for most folks – But ease of concealment has made the Shield very  popular – well north of a million sold!!


The 2075 with its thicker grip gives you a much more “solid” feeling one handed grip – (and totally subjective ) the G10 grip texture is even better than the factory grips on the 2075. With a two handed thumbs forward grip the larger grip on the RAMI really works better than the Shield.


I can’t find the video of the Shield – it may have gotten deleted – it was from quite awhile back – if I get time I will do a fresh one and post an update to this – the difference in stability between the two platforms is very noticeable .


Looking for something else and ran across this picture – had to include it in a quick update – enjoy!!

Well . . . Should I buy one?? That is the bottom line after all – If the price point doesn’t run you off – Absolutely !! Relatively easy to conceal – Great natural shooter – carry’s like a small pistol – Shoots like a full size !! As of this posting – Jacques has one on the shelf at INNER10 – 25% Down – three months to pay it out – don’t pass it up just because you don’t have the full price in your pocket !! Worth every penny!

More stuff just around the corner . . . .

Run the Gun – Have Fun – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap !!

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