S&W 4046 – Old School Stuff

Very nice example of a 4046 – Wait a minute now – whats a 4046??


Remember this chart from a previous post?? Lets work our way through all the numbers


It is a four digit number – so it is a third generation – _ _ _ _

The first two are 4 0 _ _ – so it is in 40 S&W –

The third number is a 4 – _ _ 4 _ – so it is standard size ( 4 inch barrel ) and Double Action Only

The fourth number is a 6 – _ _ _ 6 – so it is in stainless steel

Confused yet?? Again??

The third gen 4000 series pistols are really neat – they were designed by Smith to fire the 40 S&W cartridge and do a great job of mitigating muzzle flip and felt recoil – sheer size and mass helps smooth things out.

Here we are with a Glock 17 – very similar in size


However – when you put them on the scale – the similarity thing comes screeching to an abrupt halt!!

Glock 17 is just over 22 ounces empty weight . . .


Smith 4046 is just over 37 ounces empty weight !! It is actually quite pleasant to shoot full up 40 S&W loads in it – the sheer mass really settles things down.


Breakdown is simple enough – line up the notch – push the pin from the right and pull it out – comes right apart


Typical Gen 3 Smith – built hell for stout


Underside of the slide


Looking down the magwell


Yes I know it’s a little dirty in spots – simply have not had time to strip it and detail clean

The 4006 and it’s variants were used by many agencies in quite a variety of “flavors” including tactical models with an attached anodized rail as well as a super cool tactical model with an integral rail  – I believe the only agency that coughed up the money for that one was CHP

Mark at Summit Gun Broker ( I grabbed these pics off his site ) has different models available at various times – click through to his sight and look under used handguns – and if you are looking for something “different Summit Gun Broker is for sale11 – check his site for details . . .

Smith & Wesson 4006 TSW – serial numbers start with CHP – now that’s cool – and notice the rail is machined out of the frame – not added on


Smith & Wesson 4013 TSW


S&W 4043TSW


These range in price from 300 to 500 bucks from various sources ( Gunbroker – pawn shops etc. ) – and you will more than likely never wear them out – they are built like tanks – and no I am not going to explain each model number to you – scroll up to the chart!

The double action only ( DAO ) on these is pretty neat – when you chamber a round you also pre-cock the hammer – shorter trigger pull – the trigger is very similar to firing a S&W revolver double action.

And I have seen them around in pawn shops occasionally – if I get a chance to run it I will get some pics or a video clip – all I did was run a function check with it – I just don’t have the time to run 2 or 3 hundred rounds through every thing every time – reality is a bitch!

These old S&W third generation pistols just have more “personality” than the polymer framed guns – not to knock all the fantastic plastic out there ( and I own my fair share )  – but these are just cool!

Have Fun – Run the Gun – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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