The 80’s – What a Time !!

So many things in the 80’s were not just neat or cool  they became icons –


I want my MTV

Phil Collins


Miami Vice


Phil Collins on Miami Vice and the theme from Miami Vice on MTV


and pink flamingos


Even today pink flamingos in your yard (the plastic ones not the real ones) are still really cool.

Smith & Wesson Model 4566 – still an icon today


The 4566 was an instant hit when Smith brought it out in 1988. It was very popular with the Bowling Pin Crowd – The gun was so over built people were loading 45 ACP to 45 super pressures and spending their Saturday afternoons bowling.  230 grain hardball at 1200 fps will really clear pins off a table. The 4566 was a mid-size pistol – at 46 oz! Very mild recoil, very smooth to shoot even at high pressures. Wolff Springs still sells the recoil springs for the pistol. (over pressure shooting with the gun required a special recoil spring)


The 4566 was a double action/single action – the double action was as smooth as any of their revolvers and the single action breaks clean at 3-4 pounds.


Breakdown is straight forward, line up the notch,pull the pin,off comes the slide.


Disassembly of the slide components is very simple. Remember the guide rod is not captured and it will go further than you can ever imagine.


Smith & Wesson still sells the nice stainless steel mags; 8+1 in the pipe = 9 rounds total.


Does it shoot?  HELL YES!

8 rounds – in 3 seconds -at 21 feet. Right side of the 8 ring  that hole is 3 rounds. Not bad for an old fart –  me and the gun.

If you can find one in good shape and your willing to pay the money you should buy it. The gun shoots  great and is really an icon of the 80’s. This  particular gun was purchased at 3G Pawn on South 132nd here in Omaha. Great place to shop, good assortment of firearms and wonderful people to deal with. Now I just need to buy that Model 59 that I’m looking at, but my wife says if I do I won’t see her for the next 2 weeks  because that’s  how long it will take for the swelling  to go down.

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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