Sig 1911 – Not your Grandfather’s .45


Sig did something different here with their break from “traditional” 1911’s . . . (and they do make a nice line of the “traditional” style 1911’s “)


The changes are obvious when their side by side :

  • magwell
  • memory bump grip safety
  • extended up swept beaver tail
  • spur less skeletonized hammer
  • dove tail sights
  • front frame checkering – 25 LPI
  • checkered main spring housing
  • larger slide serrations
  • skeletonized trigger with over travel adjustment
  • beefier frame with rail
  • different slide profile
  • the grips come with it as well
  • Ambidextrous thumb safety
  • flat wound recoil spring
  • Sig night sights

All the buttons – bells – whistles most folks desire – and at a better price point than adding it piece by piece yourself.

About that slide profile –


It tends to “sight” a little better – but that is also dependent on what your used to and the amount of PRACTICE you are willing to put into shooting it – Damn P word again!!

There is a small amount of difference in slide weights –


“Traditional” slide


Sig slide ( damn cellphone camera )

The .6 oz difference in slide weight really is not enough to account for the difference in the feel between the GI style and the Sig

Overall weight –


RIA FS GI style 1911 – with 8 plus 1 230gr on board


Sig with the same load out

Those 2.6 ounces ( 2 oz for the frame – .6 for the slide) do make some difference – however the Sig comes with a flat wound recoil spring . .


Sig on top – GI style on the bottom – I have ordered a Wilson Combat flat wound recoil spring and guide rod for my RIA – when it gets here I will let you know the difference ( Come on Bruce, you’re just using this as an excuse to burn up a couple hundred rounds of hardball !!! – No I’m not – this is going to be serious research into a question that these folks want and need to have answered !! – LOL )

All right all ready – Enough BARBARA STRIESAND !!! – Does the thing shoot??


OH Hell Yes – and nobody even had on their party dress !!

It shoots very well indeed – these were at 10 yards – flash sight shooting ( follow this link to LuckyGunner for an explanation of flash sight picture shooting ) from low ready – using 4 magazines with random numbers of rounds ( 1, 2, or 3 ) in them in random order – Guy shooting to my right wanted me to do a head shot – one round in the mag – pull it up and let it go – that’s it in the middle picture.

Worth the price of admission??

This particular one was a rental gun at Inner10 – offered to me at a good price and it truly needed a stable – loving home environment – so I did the right thing – I snatched it up – Heh Heh !! They are out there on the used market as well as new – if you are looking for something a little different in a 1911 pattern – you might want to consider a Sig!

And in case you didn’t notice – I still refuse to step off into that bucket of internal vs external extractors – nope – not going there . . . originally published on thebrucesite October 4, 2019

Have Fun !! – Run the Gun !! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap !!

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