First Dates Are Fun!

Got out to the range and ran 100 rounds through the AREX Delta – what a first date! – I almost need a shower! – it was that good – I put the #3 back strap on it as that sets it up wrist lock wise where I like to be – these were all “flash sight” shots . . . pretty much up/shoot/down on all the targets

1st target –

2nd target was several 2 shot or double tap runs – the two low left was too much support hand – yea I know – relax a little . . .

a couple of three shot strings on the 3rd target

the 4th target were all 2 or 3 shot strings – the two low ones? I knew they were a lost cause when I sent them down range . . .

They were all brought up from low ready and sent – some really good stuff AREX has going on here with the Delta . . .

Ready for some random thoughts on this?? Here we go . . .

The trigger reset that all ( or most ) of the reviews rave about?? I understand what folks are excited about – IT IS GOOD – REAL GOOD – borderline the only thing I have better are my 1911’s – the white dot front / black out rear sights work good / easy to pick up and re-acquire – as odd as it looks / it feels good in the hand – the back strap change let me put wrist position right where I wanted it / no need to dial in a new spot in my head or arm – flawless through 100 rounds / 115 grain Winchester white box and Browning mixed ( 3 partial boxes to make 100 rounds of range stuff ) – smooth recoil / not snappy at all – you can really “ride” the reset – I believe with another 2 or 3 hundred rounds of fine tuning this thing could be incredibly accurate snap shooting wise / it just “fits” that good . . .

All right Bruce – there has to be a negative – well??

Yes folks there is a negative to it – I should have taken 3 or 4 hundred more rounds to the range with me . . . LMAO . . .

I will do a “look see” at it when I clean it so you can see some details / don’t know if I will get that posted before Thursday but I will get the pics ready at least – but the bottom line? It is pretty simple – if you don’t mind a striker fired pistol – Buy one – you won’t be disappointed with it . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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