Stuff is Out There

Believe it or not “stuff” is coming back into the market – firearms are kinda spotty – accessories are filling out pretty good . . .

You can go HERE to Gun.Deals and see all deals – or to see the current stuff GO HERE – the sponsored ads may or may not be in stock – those are obviously companies paying to get their “name” up front and in your awareness loop – you can follow the links on the top and narrow your search as well as use the search function – name – model # – UPC # etc. . . .

Ammunition is still difficult – most deals are “back order” – any where from 4 to 6 weeks or longer – but the prices are bearable (just) – I have several 1000 round lots of ammo ordered to keep up with what we shoot weekly – really don’t like using my “stash” supplies for range trips . . .

AR parts are out there – I picked up this “blem” upper from AERO Precision – 59 bucks – that particular deal was sold out in less than an hour after I ordered it – so if you see something you are wanting or needing – grab it – if you hesitate it WILL be gone – and speaking of a “blem” upper – Do you see the “blem” ??

It’s the little black dot under the front edge of the forward assist – I can live with it – LOL!

If everything stays between the ditches firearms “should” be back to “normal” by the end of the year to the end of first quarter 2021 – Ammunition by the end of second or third quarter 2021 . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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