Sig P232 vs Sig P250

Sig and the P250 – how Sig managed to screw up this bad I have never figured out. The P250 was marketed as a buy one then simply buy a caliber exchange kit and now you have two different calibers/frames/barrels/magazines but the fire control module pulls out of the frame – it has the serial number on it – and you have a different gun – cool . . .

And if you wanted a full size frame/barrel/slide set up – you simply up-sized – or you could go from full size to the compact . . .

Just one issue. I spent 3 plus years signed up for the “notify when in stock” thing with 4 different vendors – and then the P250 simply went away – gone – out of production. Which is a shame – the P250 has the best factory double action trigger I have ever fired – bar none. It is as smooth as any factory S&W revolver trigger there is – and I have fired MANY Smith revolvers. Hell folks, to be honest? – it’s as good as most “tuned/customized” double action revolvers. 4lb 1oz smooth as glass – no stacking – no “wall” – just smooth as glass pull right through to the break. The pistols are still out there on the used market – CLICK TO GO RIGHT TO GUNBROKER! – I will stop whining now and get back on point – LOL!

Footprint on the P250 compact is just kibbles & bits bigger than the P232 – from the bottom of the magazine to the top of the sights is just under 5 1/2 inches and from the tip of the beaver tail to the end of the barrel is 7 1/4 inches

Talking weight the P250 (and when we talk weight – remember folks it was all over the place with all the different calibers and frame sizes) compact in 45acp (God’s chosen caliber as handed down to St. Browning – LOL!) – Empty 26.6oz compared to the P232’s 23.8oz – the majority of that is slide mass – is not too bad.

When you load it up with 9 + 1 of 230 grain full metal jacket – 33.9oz. The recoil impulse changes as you run through the magazine – similar to the way a Glock 21 recoil changes.

Sig did a real good job with recoil management with the P250 in this configuration – some of the smaller guns in out there in 45acp are not nice to shoot – the P250 in this configuration is really decent – and dare I say- Fun to shoot!

With an Alien Gear outside the waist band holster to spread the weight out and tuck it up against you it’s quite easy and comfortable to carry and conceal . . .

Bottom Line? If your curious – they are still out there on the used market in a variety of frame/caliber configurations – and they are steadily increasing in value – I mean you can tell your Chief Financial Officer/wife/significant other that you are making a solid financial investment – Good Luck with that! I still have a friend’s wife that gives me the evil eye to this day – I told him if he couldn’t decide which pistol to buy – simply buy them both – I’ll be damned if he didn’t and then threw me under the bus – but he was already there as his wife had thrown him under the bus for listening to me – we actually had a good time there under the bus – planning and hatching our next nefarious plot . . .

This last picture is there for YOUR enjoyment – isn’t that P232 just an elegant piece??

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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