Colt Competition Series VS Fusion Firearms Reaction

And yes – This is a TEASE !! – LMAO – Full post still in progress – Even got my blushing bride to do the shooting comparison – and if we’re lucky she will give us commentary on these two pistols . . . Colt came in a nice hard case – Fusion came inContinue reading “Colt Competition Series VS Fusion Firearms Reaction”

From Paul Harrell : Top Ten Tips for Pandemic Gun Buyers

In this video Paul shares his top tips for people buying guns during a pandemic – and as always does a great job delivering information to YOU and me . . . I urge each of YOU to go to Paul’s Channel – CLICK HERE and take time to go through his stuff – informativeContinue reading “From Paul Harrell : Top Ten Tips for Pandemic Gun Buyers”

For Educational Purposes “Can’t stop the Signal”

I will point out here and now – if you do not rifle the tubing for the barrel – you are violating an unconstitutional federal law . . . . What’s in your garage? . . . For educational purposes only . . . If you want to purchase a reproduction . .Continue reading “For Educational Purposes “Can’t stop the Signal””

“Man With No Name” from Cimarron F.A. Co.

There was quite a stir in 1964 – 65 – 66 with the “Man With No Name” movies -even though “The Man With No Name” uses an 1873 Single Action Army in the movies they are a real hoot – Uberti and Pietta both make the no name firearms – they are distinctive because ofContinue reading ““Man With No Name” from Cimarron F.A. Co.”