Mosin Nagant – You’re Kidding Me!! – No – I’m not

Folks made fun of me when I bought up all of these I could get my paws on . . . Pay attention at about the 4:00 minute mark – What could YOU do withe 25 Mosins?? Asking for a friend . . . Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – FixedContinue reading “Mosin Nagant – You’re Kidding Me!! – No – I’m not”

Some “Blushing Bride” Range Stuff – She’s Getting There

Alrighty then – 6 yards – 5 rounds – ocular cavity – and she hit the gun – which is actually hard not to do – the gun after all is the perceived threat . . . Same target – 5 more – she slowed down a hair on these and got center of massContinue reading “Some “Blushing Bride” Range Stuff – She’s Getting There”

Ruger Blackhawk next to a Uberti 1873 S.A.A.

All Y’all gonna have to suck it up and work with me through learning my camera – yes a real camera not a cellphone camera – I had said awhile back that I was going to start using it and unless I simply don’t have it with me I’ve made up my mind it’s gonnaContinue reading “Ruger Blackhawk next to a Uberti 1873 S.A.A.”