Pacific Tool Company

From Hornady’s website

From Hornady’s website . . . ( CLICK HERE to go there )

Expansion into Reloading

Steve Hornady, Joyce’s youngest son, joined the company in 1970, and Marval Hornady, his wife, began full-time employment in 1972. Additional management support was essential as the company entered the next stage of development. In 1971, the company diversified into reloading tools with the acquisition of Pacific Tool Company and into wholesaling with the acquisition of Western Gun and Supply Company.

Retro Hornady Pacific Ad

Pacific Tool was one of the oldest manufacturers of reloading equipment. It had invented the “C” type reloading press in 1928, thereby beginning the modern era of reloading. Its fortunes had risen and fallen several times before its acquisition by an investor group and its move back to Lincoln, Nebraska, one of the numerous moves it had made in its history.

Pacific had begun to market the Model 105 shotshell reloader, an inexpensive and versatile tool for the casual or beginning reloader. A ready market for this tool fueled Pacific’s growth, and combined operations of the Hornady units continued strongly, so strongly, in fact, that Western Gun was divested so the company could focus on core markets for bullets and tools.

Hope to get a bunch of old “Pacific” stuff dug out and cleaned up for a little photo shoot – you can see some “state of the art” from 4 plus decades ago . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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