The Silver Pearl

There are a bunch of gift shops on Dauphin Island – and not knocking any of them – our favorite by a wide margin is The Silver Pearl <<< Link Here >>> – these folks have the neatest collection of stuff in one place that you can find on the island – not you typical stuff but neat and unique stuff – and good prices and great service . . .

And speaking of service – bought this wine bottle holder for the chicken rancher’s wife – neat ain’t it??

It took a header off the table Friday night – moved by itself – I swear – broke both it’s arms off . . .

Epoxied the arms back on but I don’t totally trust it – so we called The Silver Pearl – They sold us another one and a few bucks for shipping and zip zoom it was here Tuesday! Real good customer service – good collection of not the usual “stuff” and “Killer” ( I call all my doggy buddies killer – they love it ) gives hugs – What more could you want??

So when YOU go for that relaxing feet up veg out vacation to Dauphin Island – or go and run all over the place for a week or so – go by and check out The Silver Pearl . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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