You Really Need to go Watch This – Seriously . . .

I cannot figure out how to embed this – Hell I can’t even figure out how to add a blogroll to this little spot out here on the web . . .


Medical Expert’s Methodical Deconstruction of CDC’s Botched COVID Response :



Question – Why November 1st?? A whole bunch of companies have made the proclamation that you will be vaccinated poisoned by November 1st or fired – anybody want to guess why? It will take somewhere between 90 to 270 days for the killer mutations to start circulating – at least that is what some people are saying – who knows? I sure as Hell don’t know – but that would place the peak kill from the vaccine poison right at April 1st – April Fool’s Day – Satanists with a sense of humor – I’m just twisted enough that I can wrap my head around that level of humor AND timing . . .

After all – timing makes the humor truly great . . .

Had a fascinating conversation today with our health care provider ( the fucking insurance company ) after almost 30 minutes and 4 different people – every time I was being told – “it’s covered” and I said great – put that in writing and send it to me I got bumped up the food chain – ended up with a native English speaker who reassured multiple times that it’s all good. The Fuck you say . . .

My question was simple enough at face value – if injury occurs and medical care is needed as a result of being exposed to an experimental medical procedure – the mrna gene modification that everyone who is a wannabe commie wants YOU and ME to get – will medical expenses be covered by the existing health care insurance that we have ?? I was assured it would be covered – and the last person I talked to – in the same breath – stated multiple times ” of course it’s covered – we won’t put that in writing and I understand your concern because with health care insurance if it’s not in writing it doesn’t exist but not to worry – it’s covered – but no – we won’t put that in writing . . .

Fuck Me Running . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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