Hi Point C9 – Factory vs Modified Magazines

Actually managed to get to the range to check the factory vs modded mags – got there just before closing – in and out in 15 minutes – not worried about aiming to any degree – wanting to check for the dreaded nose dive issue – ran 4 mags – and I was surprised .Continue reading “Hi Point C9 – Factory vs Modified Magazines”

Hi Point C9 – Not a Full Blown Review – Yet . . .

Nothing quite like that new gun smell . . . And a look at both sides now . . . A friend asked me about nose dive issues as rounds were feeding out of the magazine on his new Hi Point C9 – I told him I would look into the issue ( yeah IContinue reading “Hi Point C9 – Not a Full Blown Review – Yet . . .”

For Your Edification and Consideration #2 . . .

From HERE @ The Intrepid Reporter . . . “So, anyways, say you n’ yer boys are out hoppin’ and a’boppin’, scootin’, shootin’, an’ lootin’, and lo and behold!  What’s this? An abandoned HMMWV?Well sheeeee-it.  It’s here, but none of y’all ever been in the Arrrrr-me, so what to do, what to do?Tell ya what toContinue reading “For Your Edification and Consideration #2 . . .”