Are Pistol Sights Actually Useful For Self-Defense?

From Chris Baker at Lucky Gunner – If you take nothing else away from this realize that repetition of the drills is essential – PRACTICE – PRACTICE – PRACTICE !! Then go PRACTICE again – Stay in PRACTICE !! The only way to develop muscle memory is to PRACTICE ! – You are getting awful free with that P word Bruce . . . The only way to get consistent is by repeating the drills – Dry fire is a good tool to reinforce your skill set – BUT – You must have a skill set to reinforce – and the only way to acquire it?? That’s right – Practice . . .

I started long ago with what we called shirt button shooting – you pick out the shirt button ( or spot ) where you want the magic hole to appear – then you draw / sight / and fire – and hit that 3/8 inch dot on the target. You start slow and just keep doing the drill again and again – after about a 1000 or so single shot reps you will notice your “beep” ( you really don’t need a timer, a buddy randomly saying GUN! will work to get you started ) starts a pre-programmed “action” on your part – that action being – grip/draw/point/fire – all in one long thought – you have to PRACTICE that enough that your response to the threat stimulus is an automatic reaction – your not thinking through each separate event – all 4 actions become a “single” event . . .

Eventually you will get to the point that you realize you are not “seeing” your sights – you are just bringing the pistol up and pulling the trigger when the sight picture overlay is in the right place on the target picture . . . It’s an interesting point when you realize you are not seeing a precise sight picture on top of a target picture but you are still getting hits where you have picked “the spot” that you want the magic hole to appear . . .

I’ve rambled enough already – Enjoy the video!

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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