“Club and Knife Fighting” WW2 Marine Corps Basic Training Film

Now don’t you folks start maiming one another – this is strictly for entertainment purposes – if you have a want to “entertain” yourself / or yourselves in this stuff – use wooden slats with duct tape handles for knives and PVC tubing for batons – there really is a fine line between “this isContinue reading ““Club and Knife Fighting” WW2 Marine Corps Basic Training Film”

From 1982 – The telephone exchange . . .

Good little film that gives you a behind the scenes sorta look at telephone systems as they evolved . . . Now take a look at what you are carrying in your pocket and how seamless that works . . . From Fran Blanche – go check her out – well worth the trip -andContinue reading “From 1982 – The telephone exchange . . .”

From hrfunk : Inspecting a Used S&W Revolver

Some good tips on looking at a used revolver – not real relevant at this moment since used “stuff” pricing is up with new pricing – as the new supply catches up the used prices will decline – you will start seeing sale prices on new stuff so why would you spend new price moneyContinue reading “From hrfunk : Inspecting a Used S&W Revolver”

Another Great One from Paul Harrell : Shooting In Stressful Situations

He gives you a good framework to use to formulate a good skill set – WARNING – He uses and stresses the P word multiple times in the course of the video – because that’s what it takes – PRACTICE! Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

Are Pistol Sights Actually Useful For Self-Defense?

From Chris Baker at Lucky Gunner – If you take nothing else away from this realize that repetition of the drills is essential – PRACTICE – PRACTICE – PRACTICE !! Then go PRACTICE again – Stay in PRACTICE !! The only way to develop muscle memory is to PRACTICE ! – You are getting awfulContinue reading “Are Pistol Sights Actually Useful For Self-Defense?”

We’re Looking at 3 This Week and a Sneak Peek at a Project

We will be looking at 3 this week – left to right – Schrade Old Timer “Land Shark” – Boker Stiletto with Pakka Wood scales – and a DKC Laguiole pattern / “White Prince” . . . And I finally got “stuff” all in one bag – and didn’t lose the bag – for aContinue reading “We’re Looking at 3 This Week and a Sneak Peek at a Project”

What’s up with them Ergo Grippy Things on your Snubby’s Bruce?

The grips – Yes I know – actually stocks – are actually called ERGO DELTA GRIP(S) and are available through the manufacturer or a variety of retailers – Midway – Brownells – and Amazon come to mind off the top of my head – a search will give you a bunch of hits for themContinue reading “What’s up with them Ergo Grippy Things on your Snubby’s Bruce?”