Tap Rack Bang with Clint Smith – Thunder Ranch

With the numbers of new firearm owners out there in the world we here at The Bruce Hacienda and Doomsday Bunker are scouring the internet and bringing you the best videos we can find for YOU – the new firearm owner. A million years ago or so malfunction drills were simple enough – pull theContinue reading “Tap Rack Bang with Clint Smith – Thunder Ranch”

“A Hazy Shade of Winter” – Now what to do??

When it is nasty and cold and you just don’t want to get out side – What to do??? I know !! Hmmm . . . 3000 plus rounds of 5.56 – stripper clips – some empty mags – cardboard sleeves – a new Caldwell loader to play with – I believe brothers and sistersContinue reading ““A Hazy Shade of Winter” – Now what to do??”

Hickok45 with some Uberti “Stuff” and SAA cleaning

Parts 1& 2 of Hickok45 running a Uberti Cattleman with “regular” grips – it is I believe a 6 1/2 inch barrel and in stainless – That old boy at the store has one like it but in nickel – on sale for $479 – I freely admit I am having this lust thing goingContinue reading “Hickok45 with some Uberti “Stuff” and SAA cleaning”