Red Dot on a Pistol?

The Holosun brand was highly praised and recommended by the guys at the range – I’m like sure, why not??

Here’s all five of the red dot videos from Colion Noir – they will pretty much give you a good idea of red dots on a pistol . . .

After a 100 or so rounds to get to a zero point – it’s counter intuitive – I can see an advantage to this style of sights – now I will have to do some re-wiring in my head to get all the pieces in a – right place / right time /right order – thing going on.

If I get a chance – I will post on getting to a zero point – there are several videos on doing that on the tube – you have to move the impact of the shot to the dot – the dot never moves – that is as simple as I can make it . . .

A thousand rounds or so will probably go quite a long ways towards getting “it” to feel natural – a whole lot of iron sights water has gone under the bridge . . .

Old dog / New tricks thing going on . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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