Found these looking for something else entirely – sorta like -“What’s in this box?” – it was heavy for it’s size so I was hoping for ammo – my hopes were realized – 10 boxes of 9mm and these . . .

And I sure don’t remember stashing the 9mm or these in the box – or stashing the box – everybody says the second thing to go is your memory and I can’t remember what the first is – oh well . . .

Bought these with the thought in mind of maybe whacking Bambi or his dad with the Ruger Blackhawk – and forgot I had them . . .

These are slower @ 1200 fps than the PPU 158 grain – but the bullets are 22 grains heavier – I can’t find anyone that wants to shoot these out of the Taurus .357 5 shot snubby – I wonder why?? – LMAO!

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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