So YOU think YOU are going to hide?? (inverter noise)

So you have your stash of food – water – whatever “preps” you feel comfortable with – and you realize the natural gas / electric are going to be shut off – your solar panels are not visible from street level – all your windows and doors are boarded up so your humble abode “appears” abandoned – blankets over the windows so there is no light leaking out at night – the RFI spatter from your inverter is easily tracked with a pocket transistor radio tuned to a dead spot on the dial – don’t need a super high tech drone to find it . . .

Think small – no smaller – 2 or 3 portable panels and 2 or 3 twelve volt deep cycle batteries – 12 volt lighting – a 12 volt dc compressor fridge – if you are thinking about holing up you need to keep your electronic footprint to a minimum – in jolly old England you must have a license to have a TV – that’s a hoot – pay a fee so you can be programmed – the powers that be simply drive around and check for the “spatter” off of your TV and if there is no license for the address – get your wallet out and start paying fines – EVERYTHING except incandescent bulbs produces an electronic “spatter” of some sort and to some degree – the trick is to minimize it as much as possible . . .


Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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