A Few Numbers for a Friday morning – You’re Welcome

Ran across this in the wee hours of the morning . . . A little reading to go with your coffee – I know it’s a little early for thinking stuff – but you’ll be alright . . . There are 30,000 gun related deaths per year by firearms, and this number is not disputed.Continue reading “A Few Numbers for a Friday morning – You’re Welcome”

32NAA Guardian Review

NAA GUARDIAN – chambered in 32NAA The NAA Guardian line of pistols are among the elite of pocket guns – right there with Seecamp -or  Rorbaugh – stainless steel construction – exquisitely made – incredible little machines. Four different chamberings are available – 380 acp and 32NAA (in this size) – 32 acp and 25Continue reading “32NAA Guardian Review”

Let’s take a bath – sorry Greg – no Asian girls in bubble baths – we’re talking about firearm cleaning . . .

No, this is not going to be a post about girls and bubble baths. having shot the 642-2 and having several folks ask about cleaning firearms – here we go . . . The Stuff – Hoppe’s No. 9  – it works. BREAK FREE CLP – More good stuff The rest of the stuff .Continue reading “Let’s take a bath – sorry Greg – no Asian girls in bubble baths – we’re talking about firearm cleaning . . .”

Taurus Curve – an “out of the box” Review

I love it when the majority of manufacturers talk “innovation”. There are some interesting design features on several firearm platforms – innovation?? – really?? Well let’s take a look at something that is innovative . . . Of course we all know the box is curved – but it’s almost obligatory to point that outContinue reading “Taurus Curve – an “out of the box” Review”

The 80’s – What a Time !!

So many things in the 80’s were not just neat or cool  they became icons – MTV Phil Collins Miami Vice Phil Collins on Miami Vice and the theme from Miami Vice on MTV and pink flamingos Even today pink flamingos in your yard (the plastic ones not the real ones) are still really cool.Continue reading “The 80’s – What a Time !!”