Some Saturday Music – A few One Hit Wonders

A lot of these performers had multiple albums – and some had some pretty good follow on music – but for the most part they had that one big hit that pretty much “defined” them.

First up – ( and not in any particular order ) – Quarterflash . . .

Bertie Higgins – What the hell is a Bertie Higgins ?? Is he some kin to that JC Higgins fella you was talking about ?? See what I mean ? And as soon as you hear the song open you’ll be like – Oh Yeah, I know that song !!

Sniff ‘n’ The Tears – they had an almost cult following – great group – but some of their fans – Just Wow!!

John Stewart was a prolific song writer – wrote a bunch of neat stuff over the years – “Daydream Believer” ring any bells?? And yet for most people he was only known for one song . . .

Zager and Evans – “2525” – just an incredible piece of work – number one on Billboard for six weeks – their next single ” Mr. Turnkey” failed to chart in either the U.S. or the U.K.

Dennis Zager is still around and still making what a lot of folks consider “the best ” guitar in the business – can’t vouch for that – I don’t do guitars –just guitar cases – maybe  something along these lines – LOL!!

Any suggestions for music ? – Let me know – I’m gonna do several posts with ” both kinds of music ” – Enjoy !!

I want to run one more at you . . .

Few – Very Few – hits achieved not only U.S. popularity but few achieved the international magnitude of this. . .

Del Shannon had several minor hits besides this – earlier stuff and later – but everything he did was put up against this – and nothing matched up to it. . .

Runaway was so popular it was adapted for a short lived TV series – any body remember this starrimg Dennis Farina ???

Still migrating “stuff” over from the other site and have a bunch of new stuff – getting it out as fast as I can . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap !!

Česká zbrojovka- Not what your thinking you Pervert!!

For those who are waiting patiently for the 2075 Rami post – remember – patience is a virtue that is its own reward . . .


CZ 97 BD – considered by many to be the “flagship” of the CZ line of pistols.

BD – mind out of the gutter! – B tells us it has a firing pin block – D tells us it has a de-cocker ( not bondage and domination!! – and we all know who YOU are – don’t worry – be happy YOU are among friends of distinction!  )


The D/A trigger pull coming off de-cock is a smooooth 12 lbs – as good as a Smith revolver?? – not quite but real decent – the S/A trigger has a weee bit of take up ( don’t forget that you are deactivating the firing pin block ) and a good clean break – this particular example breaks at just a hair over 5 1/4 lbs.

Not a light pistol by any stretch of the imagination . . .


Add 11 rounds of 230 grain Remington HTP hollow points  plus magazine and the need for a good belt and holster becomes obvious – it does carry well – OWB as well as IWB – but you really have to find the “sweet spot” for both – hell I carry it AIWB!!


Breakdown is pretty straight forward – cock the hammer – ( that way you only have to hold against the recoil spring and not the hammer spring as well )  pop the pin – you may have to give it a bump with a magazine base plate – off comes the slide . . .


Neat stuff!! The grips are machined aluminum – gives good strength – great texture – and keeps them thin so it becomes a little easier to get your hands on it.


Similar in some respects to a 1911 you pull the guide rod and recoil spring and slide the recoil spring housing out – the unscrew the barrel bushing and take the barrel out – you’re there – ready to clean!


Just in case you think the full length / full width dust cover looks odd when the pistol is in one piece – this view oughta just screw with you -LMAO


Slide view showing the firing pin block . . .


Front of the slide showing guide rod – recoil spring – recoil spring housing . . .


Kinda like a 1911 – the recoil spring housing holds the barrel bushing in its place . . .


I took it apart and removed the barrel the stuck it back together so you have a little clearer view . . .


The bushing unscrews – comes off – out comes the barrel . . .


The next two pics border on machine work porn / gun porn – Enjoy!!


Ok . . I got this thing back together with no spare parts – round in chamber – full mag –  OMG!! – OMG!! – the hammer is cocked!! – IT is loaded!! – IT might commit an act of violence!!! – Gun Violence!! – right here on this blog!! – IN FRONT of GOD and EVERYBODY!!

For those of you who actually have the delusion that an inanimate object can commit an act of violence and are going to go down that particular rabbit hole – there is yet hope for you – the merest glimmer of hope – that you can take the first tiny steps towards possibly – just maybe – someday coming to the awareness that you are totally fucking insane and by  following these simple first steps may not always be an ongoing danger to yourself and or others around you –

  1. Take your left hand and place it on your right shoulder
  2. Take your right hand and place on your left shoulder
  3. Pull your fucking head out of your ass

Get a grip on the pistol – thumb on the de-cocker . . .


And press down – it’s now de-cocked – simple as can be – safe as can be . . .

Comes with Trijicon night sights – what CZ is calling a “poly” finish – two mags – Good to Go!


Just about an identical footprint to my primary carry piece . . .


4 ounces heavier than my RIA 1911 – 49.5 vs 45.5 ounces – and yes you do notice it – just by “feel” it seems even heavier. But the weight makes for really stable and comfortable platform.


CZ has really got this one right – this is actually the second ( or would it be considered third?? – I will have to look into that ) generation 97 and CZ actually improved on it  – some feed ramp work – will feed anything and everything I have been able to come up with – the new “poly” finish – like it or not it is almost bullet proof compared to blueing – the night sights – the grips – all come standard.

Got this at INNER10 – it never made it to the display case. Realize folks , the 97BD is NOT a cheap date – but my wife’s husband is my best friend – and he deserves a play pretty now and again . . .

More stuff coming – hope to get some multiple target work in and get some videos for you – will try to get a quick look at a couple for you by next weekend – possibly a long gun or two depending on time vs schedule.  ( damn reality crap again ! )

Have Fun – Run the Gun – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!